Our Students

Member List

This list serves to inform IJF Federations and their members of the students recognized by Muga Mushin Judo School. Please contact us for further information if needed.

Surname First name Gender Rank
Baptiste Anthony Male White
Bujan Daniel Male Yellow
Cen Mei Gui Female Yellow
Cen Bik Lan Female Yellow
Chow Johnathan Male White
De Gannes Aidan Male Yellow
Douglas Brandon Male White
Edmund Leonard Male White
Edwards Caleb Male 1st Dan
Gittens Daren Male White
Gonsalves Jesse Male White
Gomes Michael Male White
Jowaheer Odilette Female Yellow
Kerodal Paul Male 2nd Dan
Lashley Michael Male White
Lee Marissa Female White
Maharaj Daniel Male Yellow
Maharaj Nathan Male White
Maharaj Anya Female White
Maharaj Joel Male White
Ninah Kavita Female White
Novoa Aleksandr Male White
Ramdial Rohan Male White
Ramsewak Daniel Male White
Ramsewak David Male White
Seusankar Vishal Male Orange
Smith Keston Male White
Subryan Nicholas Male White
Suratsingh Meera Female Orange
Suratsingh Rishi Male White
Sutherland Marlon Male Yellow
Sylvester Keston Male Yellow
Wade Travis Male Yellow
Wallace Derek Male White
Williams Clifford Male White
Williams Christian Male White